Building the Sanctuary

Rickie’s Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary of South Florida has generously been offered a long term lease on a parcel of land in order to build a large sanctuary and rescue so that we can continue to rescue and house as many birds as needed until we can find them their forever loving homes. As always, if birds come in that we feel are unadoptable or too sick to be adopted, they will live out their life at the sanctuary.

The rent for the lot is at a price that can’t be beat and we can’t say no to. We are currently working with the owner to figure out which piece of land will work best for our rescue. The owner is extremely generous and we can’t thank him enough.

That being said, we are starting to raise funds now in order to build the aviaries and structures needed in order to house our rescues and provide them the life that they deserve. I know the goal is large….but this isnt’ a small project. However, in the end, it will be an amazing one.

Please help us with this endeavor so that we can bring in more birds and either help find them their forever homes or provide them with a forever home here at the sanctuary.

Click on the photo below to help us reach our goal!!