Corporate Sponsors

The Howard Johnson Foundation

Individual Sponsors

  • Paul Williams, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, President of ASCAP
  • Linda Kavanaugh
  • Laura Ainsworth
  • Lynn Spillane
  • Vicki Konstantopoulos
  • Ian Schmidt

Sponsor a Resident

Our residents have various medical issues or behavioral issues which keep them here at the sanctuary.   If you would like to learn more about them, click on their pictures and you will see a summary of their rescue and medical problems.

You can now sponsor our rescues for 20.00 per month!  We will send you a bio on your sponsored bird along with a picture and a rescue bracelet when you sign up!  We will also add you to our mailing group so you can keep up with your sponsored bird!  We will also add your name to our sponsor page as an individual sponsor…if you prefer your name not be listed..that’s OK too!

If you would prefer, you can sponsor our rescue in memory of Beaker or Grace. It’s all up to you!  Simply..click the button below and during the payment process you will be able to send a note, be sure to add the name of the bird you would like to sponsor!  Thanks!