1. We do not charge an intake fee.  We don’t believe in taking advantage of someone who is doing what is best for their birds.
  2. We do not judge.
  3. Upon intake, all birds are quarantined for 90 days or longer if a problem arises.  All birds are cultured for psittacosis and pdd.  If any sign of illness arises, the bird is taken directly to the vet.
  4. Our agreement gives the adopter 10 days to vet the bird.  We strongly suggest you do so.
  5. We also suggest that you quarantine ANY new bird coming into your home prior to  introducing them to your flock.
  6.  All potential adopters must fill out an application.
  7.  Upon approval a home visit will be arranged…be it in person or skype.
  8.  If for some reason the bird is not a fit for the home, the bird must be returned to our rescue..per the agreement you signed.
  9. We reserve the right to check on our birds at any time.