Sponsor a Resident 

For $5.00 per month you can sponsor one of our resident birds!  In return you will get a monthly update and photos of the bird you sponsor!  These updates will not be posted anywhere else!

This is Scooter

Scooter has neurological problems caused by metal toxicity. One of her parents fed her a small piece of metal which was just enough to cause irreversible damage. Scooter suffers from mobility issues and moments of shaking. However, she loves to go to the museum. She teaches the children about differences…and they get to hold her and love on her the entire time. It’s a win win for both.

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This is Axel

Axel mutilated for many years prior to coming to us. His dad, who loves him very much, was ready to put him out of his misery. The vet had no answers…even after months of hospital stay. I am happy to say that Axel has not mutilated since coming in and he does get to visit with his dad…and videos are sent to him on a regular basis. Axel prides himself on running the rescue…well, we let him think he does anyway.

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This is Nikkie

As you can see Nikkie was born with a beak deformity. Nikkie was with the same people for 27 years. Unfortunately her dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. They had no choice to give her up. Nikkie was fed people food her entire life…but she remains pretty healthy and immediately developed a strong bond with me. She’s an amazing baby and keeps me laughing.

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​This is Dusty.

Dusty was brought to us after a man in Florida decided he didn’t want the baby birds in his palm tree…so he cut the tree down knowing there were babies in it. Two of the babies died and Dusty was barely alive when found. As you can see he suffered a severe break in his leg and still has fluid around his heart but he’s an amazing, lovable baby.

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