Sometimes it’s a fighting battle…

A friend of mine on Facebook (not someone I personally know) posted that if a rescue goes by “Rescue and Sanctuary” it means that they aren’t a true rescue and basically that they are hoarders and that they don’t adopt their birds out or find homes for them.  I don’t know who she has a beef with…never heard of the person or the rescue she mentioned…but hey!  Great way to generalize…really!?!?!

Rickie’s IS a rescue AND a sanctuary!!!! Our adoptable birds are found the best forever homes possible for them…evidenced by our available page as well as our Facebook page which tends to get update more often! BUT are we supposed to place our special needs birds who need specialized care..and I’m not talking about a foot issue or even a blind bird…in a home that isn’t ready to provide that kind of care or doesn’t have experience? Really!?!?!  How long do you think Hope – our rescue with a broken back or even our 40 year old Jardine rescue would last in another home?

Before you generalize and proclaim all rescues and sanctuaries are fakes…do your homework!  If you have a beef with one person or rescue…fine.  BUT do not clump our rescue AND sanctuary in your statement.  You are only hurting our rescues! I mean is your beef that bad with that person that you feel the need to slam all of us?  Really?

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