A Day in the Life of a Rescuer

I received a text from a lady asking me if I could bring in a yellow naped amazon with neurological problems. As she started describing the bird…I realized who she was talking about. Emmy was a XXX rescue…I had met her a few times. She suffers from ataxia…so she’s a bit off balance and tends to stare off into space for long periods of time. When I asked her what was wrong and why she was giving Emmy up she simply said she wanted to start traveling, but in that one phone call, I knew that her house was not a house Emmy should be in anyway. She explained to me how she would let Emmy sit outside on top of the cage outside…with NO enclosure! Had she ever spooked over something and flew off – Emmy would NOT have survived. She doesn’t have the mentality to know how to survive. So, I knew I had to get her out of there right away!  

I scheduled pick up the following day, in the meantime I called XXX (they are actually really great at what they do and I am friends with several members..including the President) to get the scoop on this lady. Apparently she was known for adopting birds and returning them. This was the last straw for them! This woman was put on their “Do Not Adopt” list as well as mine. I also wanted to make sure they didn’t want to take Emmy in and replace her. I was willing to pick her up and bring her to them but they thought she would be better with me because I specialize in the special needs birds.

So, I get to this lady’s house…as I’m talking to her I see that she has a Congo African Grey and a sun conure too. So, she looks at me and says “you may as well take the CAG too!” I text one of my friends at XXX – and they simply said get the bird out of there! Which is fine…but hey! I have a RAV4 and only one cage was going to fit and I knew that Emmy needed hers because of her special needs. So, I told the lady that I wouldn’t be able to take the CAG’s cage but I would take the CAG. Well she wasn’t really happy with that…but that’s all I could do. In the meantime, she offered no help loading the cage..so I got to do that on my own! And yes,..I know that I should not do pick ups on my own for several reasons – but in my rescue..right now..it’s just me. I have no choice. So, I finally get everything loaded…get on the road and contact XXX to see if they had anyone waiting for a CAG on their list…while adoption fees and donations are the only thing that keep my rescue going, it is more important to me to find their forever homes first.  

After a few hours I was told they did have someone on the waiting list. So, that was great! This baby was going to his forever home quickly! It’s always better to place them as quickly as possible to avoid too much stress on the bird. I told the person that I had never met at XXX that I would release the bird once my friend, the President (trying to avoid using names) approved the home. Well she flipped out! she’s the one who approves the homes, etc.! I told her..I don’t know you. This is my rescue and I trust the President’s opinion as far as the adopters. Again…she flipped out! So, the next day I get a text from this woman…the adopter will be at your house at 330. Really? Yeah..no. I’m working it will have to be this weekend…”impossible!” she said. In the meantime, she had sent the adopter to the President’s house to pick up a cage..he wasn’t even home! So he flew home…and when he got there she was waiting and she looked at him and asked…”this is just a foster, right?” Not only was he livid…I was livid. This bird was not going into a foster from my house and then into another house! The person we thought was the adopter was super sweet and very understanding. I even told her that I was looking for fosters and would keep her in mind for sure…I told the President..let her keep the cage she’s going to be a great foster for you and I.  

In the meantime, one of my FB friends asked me if I had any CAG’s or an eclectus because her 20 year old special needs son. So, as mad as I was at the woman from XXX..everything happens for a reason! The President of the XXX has agreed to have the CAG vetted (they have the funds they have been around for years and I am just starting out) and when my friend asked about the adoption fee and what it was…I told her there isn’t one for her. Pres and I couldn’t be happier to give something to her son! AND this CAG is a hoot! Speaks in a man’s and woman’s voice…I was told that he’s a bit of a troublemaker because he likes to wonder around on the floor and chew things up…so a perfect bird for this young man! 

A good reminder that everything does happen for a reason and if something unpleasant happens..something good is sure to follow! 

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