No one ever said….


No one ever said rescue would be easy.  They never said everything would be perfect or that people would appreciate what you do.  They never said that the people giving up their birds would tell you the truth.  They never said that every baby brought in would be easy to place.  No one ever said that getting them healthy would be cheap…a trip to the park..with no heart ache.  They never said that every time you lost a rescue from their abusive past it would be easy.  I was never told…even if I only knew that rescue for a few moment in time that my heart would be ripped out when they left their ravaged, abused bodies for a land of no pain.  No one told me that trying to raise money to save these sweet abused souls would be like trying to rip a scab off a wound not healed.

No one said.

I knew.

It’s OK.  I’m ready.

If you would like to help our residents and help us expand.  Please feel free to donate to us at the link below.  We can’t continue to do what we do without you.pp

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