I’ve never been told that I am misleading

Funny…I posted a fundraiser earlier to help replenish our medical emergency fund and someone called me out as being misleading because I had included a picture of Beaker in it.  She was right…I did include a picture of Beaker. Did the fundraiser say I was raising funds for Beaker?  No. Did I mention Beaker in the post? No. Was Beaker’s story on the page when they clicked the link?  Yes…right at the top of the page!  Couldn’t miss it if you clicked the link. Took you right there.  You see his story before you even go to a donation page.  Did this person bother to look?  No.

Someone else chimed in and said “you know people don’t bother to read.”  Really?  As a paralegal by day I certainly hope that isn’t the case.  I want you to read about Beaker!  I don’t want him to be forgotten!  I want you to see the horrible reality of abuse and neglect!  And as hard as we try…they can’t all be saved! Beaker, the vet and our rescue fought hard for 10 days to save his life! In the end..the abuse won!  10 days of Dr. Backos trying to save him in the hospital…10 days of me going to visit him twice a day like clock work…10 days of Beaker looking at me like “who the heck are you” BUT 10 days of him fighting hard too.

Do I want people to give without reading about the rescue?  No way.  I want you to get to know some of the residents in our care…and they are all there in the updates.  Each one has a different story and some of those stories are pretty interesting. Beaker…well he was found at the curb…thrown out like trash…but you will have to read his story to find out just how awful it is…and it’s not a pretty story nor did it have a happy ending.  That little man took a part of my heart with him.  I wanted him to know love.  I wanted him to be held and cuddled and know that people cared about him.  BUT he had been so abused that every time he was touched…he seized…it scared the crap out of him and that was his body’s reaction to the fear!  Do I want you to know all of that?  Yeah..I do.  His story serves a purpose..his life had meaning. And in the end…the abuse won!  BUT by getting stories like his out there…I can only hope that it saves another life.  Please…if you see a bird that doesn’t look like it’s being cared for…or looks like it’s abused…don’t turn away.  That baby needs your help.

Tony Silva is the saving grace for many of the birds in our rescue.  We specialize in special needs and medically challenged babies.  Tony will stop at nothing to rescue a bird in need…lol whether it means paying their ransom…digging under a sidewalk in the rain…taking a baby in that was on death’s door and nursing it back to health enough to be handed off…..Tony is there for these babies.  Tony calls us when he has a special baby that needs care because he knows that’s what we specialize in.

So, if you would like to read about Beaker and some of the other babies in our rescue, please go here.   https://www.gofundme.com/rickiesrescue

If you would rather give via paypal, our paypal email address is rickiesrescue@att.net

If you can afford to give, we’d love it.  If you can’t…prayers and shares are great too!


RIP Little Man.  Fly high.  No one can hurt you any more.

If you would like to help our residents and help us expand.  Please feel free to donate to us at the link below.  We can’t continue to do what we do without you.pp


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