Rescue vs. Breeder

As I write this blog I realize that my feelings and opinions on this subject are not the norm of a person running a rescue/sanctuary.  I also realize that some will find it offensive.  BUT I am a person who believes that everyone is entitled to their opinion and their beliefs.  I do not force mine on others and I certainly won’t allow anyone to force theirs on me.

That being said…I believe everyone is entitled to buy a baby if that’s what they really want.  It’s their choice…there are reasons behind their choice.  Do I wish that all birds had a forever home?  Of a perfect world that would be great.  Do I wish that everyone would adopt?  No. Like I said…there is a reason for their decision.  I have no right to impede my opinion and feelings on others.  I think it’s horrible when those in rescue bully someone who wants advice because they are thinking about getting a baby.  They didn’t ask you if they should get baby…they were asking about the breed in general.  Since when is any rescuer the be all end all as far as decisions or knowledge? Do you know that person?  Do you know the kind of household they have?  Do you know the reasons behind their decisions prior to forcing your on opinions on them?  I have both rescues and birds that I bought in my house.  Like it or not…I’m middle of the line.  I rescue…but yes…I am middle of the line.  I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and entitled to experience bird ownership in their own way.  Rather than demanding that people rescue…why not suggest that they do research on the type of bird that they want so that they go in with their eyes open?  Why not give them the pros and cons of the species and tell them what is involved as far as owning a bird?  There would be far less birds in rescue if everyone went in with their eyes open instead of being shut down when they ask for advice.

As far as breeders…believe it or not…they are not all bad.  Granted the bad may outweigh the good…but there are good breeders out there who truly care about their birds.  Believe it or not…for some….it’s not about the hobby.  For some….it’s about education and for others it’s a hobby.  But to stand on a soap box and declare that all breeders are bad…that’s ridiculous.  There are many out there who truly care.  Believe it or not…there are breeders out there who are also rescuers.   So before you declare that all breeders are bad…get to know a few of the good ones….ask them questions…get to know them.

At Rickie’s Rescue we encourage breeders to contact us when there is a special needs bird in a clutch.  We will take them, wean and vet them and find forever homes for them.  It gives the breeders an alternative.  It allows the baby a chance to grow and live a long, happy, healthy life.  Believe it or not…special babies make awesome pets!  They learn to overcome their disabilities and know that they need their humans.  They are amazing!

If you would like to help our residents and help us expand.  Please feel free to donate to us at the link below.  We can’t continue to do what we do without you.pp

One thought on “Rescue vs. Breeder

  1. Good stuff. There is room for and a need for both. If rescue and breeding worked together,birdkeeping would flourish. Getting a bird from anywhere, as a new owner, is a set up for failure, when people are not educated in all aspects of their bird.. People need to understand their bird, its species and its unique qualities. We all need each other! IMHO, education is the key to successful bird ownership. Successful bird ownership leads to less need for rescue! Working together can only benefit our birds.


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