Why do we allow abuse?

State laws treat animals like inanimate objects.  How is it if an animal has been abandoned…to fend for itself…with no food or water…a crime if someone goes in to assist or rescue the animal?  Laws need to change.  In my opinion the government is just as guilty as those who abandoned them in the first place.  The fact that they won’t allow a rescue…is abuse in itself. The fact that they will fine someone for trespassing for trying to feed and water these animals..is abuse in itself.  These are breathing animals with feelings..with intelligence and everyone including the law makers are turning their backs on.  Officials need to start pressing charges against the abusers and not the people who are trying to help and keep these animals from dying.

Is it better that we ignore the animals and let them die of starvation?  Or do we go in…against the law…and save them from dying?

Tonight I found out about two macaws that had been abandoned in a house due to an eviction…stemming from drug charges.  Really?  It is really OK to let these two babies die because the owners were charged with a crime? And did the owner of the property not care enough to report it?  How is this OK?

Animal control has been called.  Fine…good…so now they end up in a cage in the pound…scared and afraid.  OK…they are going to be fed…fine.  BUT what about putting them in a foster home where they will be loved and get the care that they need rather than an overcrowded institution barely able to care for the dogs and the cats that come in?

And guess what…they will be there until the case against the owners moves through the courts.  Months…and maybe longer.  How is this fair to the intelligent, breathing, animals with feelings..yes…feelings..they feel the pain..they feel the abandonment.  Is that OK?  I think now.

Laws need to change and only the people…the public can change them.  We need our voices heard.  We need to be able to go in and rescue an animal that has been abandoned.  We need to be able to rescue that animal before it starves to death.  We need to change the laws.  We need to stop the government from killing these animals who have already suffered neglect and abuse.  It starts with us.  The animals can’t speak for themselves.  We need to speak for them.

In the next few days I will post a petition with the hopes of changing a few laws. I hope that you will all stand with me.  I hope that you will all stand up and save some lives.

If you would like to help our residents and help us expand.  Please feel free to donate to us at the link below.  We can’t continue to do what we do without you.pp


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