Sometimes abuse and neglect wins

We took in what we thought was a wild macaw a little over a week ago.  She had what was first reported as a prolapse.  However, once we got her to the vet’s office it was determined she has papilloma.  Which is much like a herpes virus in birds…they have break outs every once in awhile.  However, hot peppers and meds can help to keep it under control.  While contagious, it is not air borne.  It can only be spread via feces, shared food and water….which means in the end, we could still place her.  We’ve also decided that she isn’t a true wild macaw.  She takes bananas and nuts by hand, is very calm and knows what a towel is.

After having cryosurgery other problems have developed.  Many times, bird will hide illness and if stressed enough…that illness will surface.  At this point, she is not keeping food or water down….at all.  So, if this continues we may have to make a choice to end her suffering.

At least for the past week and a half…she has known love again.  She knows that people care and are trying to help her and if I had to do it all over again..I would still make the call to bring her in to see if we can help her.  We believe in helping all parrots…even the wild ones.  They all deserve to live long, healthy lives.


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