Long Day….

I had to say my goodbyes to Grace/Azurite.  I had to release her from her suffering.  She hasn’t kept anything down for about a week now and each day she was getting worse.  The doc ran all sorts of tests..did everything he could…she gave it her all….but she was just too sick.  We don’t normally do necropsies on our sick rescues…but we all want to know what killed this baby so we are having one done.  She will also be cremated and her ashes will go to her mommy.  You see, if she had made it out of the hospital she already had a home waiting.  Fly free baby girl!  No more pain…but so much love!

We also took a new baby in the rescue. She was attacked by a boston terrier and has a full break in her spine.  Her cord doesn’t appear severed but it is exposed and unprotected at this time.  She seems to have use of most of her body…but not her legs. So, we will be working on that.  We will be doing laser therapy and she may be a candidate for back surgery. So, more to come on her.  I will post a video and a link to her gofundme page below if you would like to donate for her care.

If you would like to read Hope’s story and see her updates as well as videos, Where There’s Hope

I also received a message and will be picking up 8 macaws soon who are living in outdoor aviaries and made a call….and they will be going to their new home and living in the same situation they are used to with Tony Silva who is a huge supporter of our rescue and has community aviaries for birds just like these babies.

Phew!  LOL!  A day in the life….


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