I don’t think most understand…

501(c)3 public charity rescues are not automatically entitled to grants.  We don’t get government assistance.  In order to function we have to raise money ourselves.  In the first three months of becoming a rescue we have taken in three medical emergencies and four birds that lost their homes for various reasons.  While feeding, does cost money it’s covered by us.  It’s generally the medical emergencies or need for medical funds that keep us harassing you and asking for money.  While we understand it can be annoying.  We will stop at nothing to give your birds every chance to live a long, happy healthy life.  If that means extended hospitals stays, and in many times it does…so be it.


We also ask that you understand…if we lose a bird that we fought so hard to save (like Beaker) we will never regret our decision to try to save them.  In the end, if the fight becomes too much for them…and we have to let them go.  We mourn.  Each one of them takes a piece of our hearts with them.  When you fight so hard to save a living breathing creature who has known nothing but it abuse it’s entire life, the loss is hard and it’s very real.  We strive to find their forever homes where they will know nothing but love for the rest of their lives, but sometimes…sometimes…the abuse wins.  All we can do is be there..and let them know that that moment in time…they mattered…and they were loved.

If you can donate, it would help tremendously and help us to continue to save these babies.  If you can’t, share, prayers and cares matter too!  The donation button below will take you to our paypal account.  Thank you!

If you would like to help our residents and help us expand.  Please feel free to donate to us at the link below.  We can’t continue to do what we do without you.pp

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